Bike Rack

In response to recent problems with some of King County Metros bus bicycle racks, Metros Vehicle Maintenance staff have inspected all of the bike racks and determined that many of the support arms, especially those on the outside bike rack position, are wearing out much faster than the manufacturer expected. Fortunately, most of the bike racks are still under warranty and our vendor is already shipping necessary replacement parts. The first repairs will be completed by the first weekend of July on North, East and Bellevue Base buses, which operate most of the service on SR 522 and SR 520. Repairs on the rest of the Metro system will take a bit longer.

All of the bike rack slots currently on the buses have been inspected and determined to work correctly. However, approximately 15% of the slots have been taken out of service because of non-working support arms. Metro apologizes for the inconvenience to the cycling community and is working as quickly as possible to replace support arms that are experiencing problems. While the repairs are being done, most buses will continue to have at least two bike rack spaces available.

Metros easy-to-use bike racks are available first come, first served, and there is no additional fare for using them.

Conventional, single seat, two-wheeled bikes. Both wheels must fit into bike rack wheel slots, and the support arm/hook must fit over the top of the bike wheel.

Folding bikes are welcome inside the bus, provided they fit underneath the seat and can be kept out of the aisle.

Bikes with wheel sizes 16-29 inches in diameter, up to a 46-inch wheelbase, and with tire widths up to 3 inches will fit on the racks.

Bikes that do not exceed the bus bike rack weight limit of 55 pounds per loadable position.

Metro does not permit conventional bikes inside buses for safety reasons.

Cyclists may load or unload a bicycle on any in-service bus at any bus stop during all hours of the day.

Cyclists may also load or unload at any Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel station during all hours the tunnel is open.

Watch the Loading your bike on Metro buses video. Also see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Metros three-position bike racks, as well as loading tips when in the tunnel.

Practice racks: To practice loading your bike, refer to FAQ. A demonstration rack is available in downtown Seattle, West Seattle, and most recently, the U-District.

When Metros pay-on-entry system starts in September 2012, passengers who have loaded a bicycle on the bike rack can still leave by the front door.